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Is an attitude to life that I share from the bottom of my heart, this statement was originally made by Nelson Mandela. The attitude has helped me through various stages of my life and is more topical than ever.

Today I am retired. First I learned furrier in the parental handicraft business, after a short time I passed the master craftsman's examination.

A few years later I decided to study computer science in the USA, a wish I had since I was a teenager and I first had an insight into an IBM computer center, at that time still with punch card computers (a Paper-based recording medium, Hollerith cards or IBM cards) and tape backups. Until my retirement, I worked in the IT industry in various functions and companies. Currently I continue to consult from time to time and in my spare time I am involved in amateur radio, photography as well as traveling and programming security solutions.

Another hobby is photography, I have been doing it for over 56 years (I got my first camera at the age of 10 years (Kodak Retina)), when I was 15 years old i got my first SLR (Minolta XD) and at the same time my own photo laboratory for negative as well as direct positive processes. Gradually various lenses of different focal lengths were added until I decided to switch to digital photography around the millennium. I also enjoy black and white photography, with a little patience often succeed very expression strong photographs. There is hardly an occasion where I do not have at least one camera with me, usually there are several. Photography as you can see is actually my first hobby, the amateur radio comes in second or third place but gives me just as much joy.

One more hobby is music, for many years I was an active musician (as a teenager and young married man), but for a long time I am only a passive user. I have a quite large vinyl record as well CD collection. All parts are digitized (or still will be) and are available for streaming on a own dedicated music server. I listen to almost all kinds of music with few exceptions, from classical music to pop and rock as well as blues and jazz. Exceptions are for example Hip-Hop or also Free Jazz. I get a selection of vinyl records every month and can then choose which ones I want to keep (also used and older ones). Since new vinyl records are added all the time, I am busy with it almost every day at least for 60 minutes (very often also significantly longer). As I find, a nice and meaningful activity as a retiree.


I've been into radio for many years. Ham radio has always been an enjoyable hobby to me, and as technology changes, I find myself fascinated as I dabble into more and more things. That ultimately meant that I studied computer science and high-frequency technology, successfully completed both with master in California. The evolution of the internet and IP technology in both ham and commercial radio is truely amazing. I enjoy meeting new people via this fantastic hobby. I've enjoyed building antennas, tower work, working DX, digital modes, programming software and security systems and so much more. Much of my operating is remote, be it here at home over my LAN or via VPN while out and about. When I am on the air you will almost find me on 10 - 30m chasing DX in my fave mode CW. If we haven't already worked, I hope to meet you one day via radio.

I've been a ham since September 1984. The more that I've learned about the many aspects of ham radio, the more that my interests have grown. My "Shack" is constantly changing and I think that part of the hobby is occasionally rearranging things to suit my needs.

All QSO's are uploaded to LoTW, eQSL, Clublog and usually immediately after the contact. I'm using Ham Radio Deluxe as logbook, QSL is therefore more or less automated. I prefer QSL via electronic QSL (LoTW and eQSL). Should you require a paper QSL, please send me your QSL by mail, I will answer immediately (return postage or US dollars as well as money of other currencies or IRC's are not necessary). All kind of SWL reports are welcome as well and are always answered!

This is a great hobby and I would encourage anyone with urge for adventure to get started asap!

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From 2023 I am not any longer a member of the DARC, QSL please only via LOTW or eQSL.

Locator JO40gi
AGCW-DL 3686



heinz mahler
joseph-haydn-straße 1a
61250 usingen

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